There are many good initiatives helping refugees.  You have a choice to donate to a general fund that will channel your support to multiple projects or directly to the project of your choice.  Below are project descriptions and links to donate to projects that are doing excellent work to help refugees.


ride for refugees 2016

General Refugee Impact Fund

If you would like us to distribute your donation to the most pressing needs, projects, and programs helping refugees from organizations listed, choose to donate through this option here



Samaritan's purse

Europe Refugee Relief

Samaritan's Purse maintains ongoing work with refugees on the Greek islands and the mainland, and is opening work in Turkey.  Make your donation to their refugee work here.



Refugee Impact Mobilization Fund

FaithQuest acts as a catalyst to mobilize networks of people, organizations, businesses, and churches to join in the refugee response.  Multiply your impact by helping FaithQuest mobilize others.  Donate here



Refugee Services Training

I-Tec's refugee assistance project will help train refugees to provide services to other refugees including dental (I-DENT), eyesight (I-SEE) and story documentation (I-FILM).  Donate here.  



World Relief

Serve Refugees and Displaced

World Relief works in multiple countries around the world to successfully serve refugees and help them gain hope and dignity in their new communities.  Donate here.   



World Vision

Syria Project

World Vision works with the 12 million Syrians displaced by civil war.  Many are living in neighboring countries surrounding Syria.  Make your donation to their refugee work here.




Central American Refugee Assistance

TerraMica recently decided to develop initiatives to assist refugees from Central America.  The US State Department has recently decided to reclassify undocumented minors fleeing violence from gangs and drug cartels as refugees.  To support TerraMica's work with at risk Central American children and youth donate here.



Dynamic Church planting international

Support Fund

DCPI helps train people to start service-oriented, outward-looking churches all over the world.  Scott Last, DCPI's Coordinator for Europe/North Africa/Middle East is participating in the Ride for Refugees 2016.  If you would like to support his strategic training work with DCPI,  Donate here.




European Refugee Development Fund

This fund supports local churches responding to the refugee crisis by helping them help refugees establish viable businesses that use their skills and experience in a way that dignifies the individual and generates broader economic opportunity within refugee communities.  Donate here.



Women's initiatives that strengthen and empower

South Sudan Seed Fund

WISE supports empowerment and economic independence for vulnerable women and children in the Western Province of Zambia through educational, vocational, and agricultural initiatives.  It is currently hoping to expand its scope to work with South Sudanese refugees.  To support WISE's work donate here.