Sunday, June 24

Free day in Gijón.  Gijón continues to build on its heritage as a producer of iron, steel and chemicals.  It is the main terminal for Asturian coal but industrial wealth has also brought about a modern makeover, with pedestrianised streets, lovely parks, seafront walks and buzzy eating, drinking and shopping scenes. Thanks to its bay and strategic setting, the Romans chose this spot as their base.  Their archaeological legacy is visible in the remains of baths, walls and salting factories.  Traditional Asturian cuisine is robust and hearty (bean stews, smoked meat and sausages, empanadas), but you also find menus featuring sea bass with clams, salmon with yogurt and vanilla, and calamari with potato cream and parsley oil.  To be genuinely accepted as a local, you have to be able to pour the local sidra (cider) the Asturian way.  



playa-del-silencio 2.jpg

Monday, June 25

The total ride distance for the day is 67 kilometers along the Asturian coast, finishing at the Hotel El Fornon, near the Playa del Silencio (left) rated "One of the five best beaches in Spain."  Our small, boutique hotel is noted for its seafood menu.  Nearby is the quaint coastal town of Cudillero.  To download a Google maps route map of the day's cycle, click here.  To view and download the Strava route, click here.  To download the Strava cue sheet, click here.