Registration and Payment

In order to become an official participant in the Camino del Norte 2018, everyone must register and pay below.  Scroll down on the registration filling in all items as you go.  Once you have completed the registration, proceed to make your payment.  

The total cost of the Camino del Norte 2018 is 1495 euros payable only via this website.  A 4% PayPal processing fee will be added to your payment.  Payment covers all internal travel, backup, lodging, cycling jersey, and breakfasts during the entirety of the trip starting from lodging on the night of June 17, 2018 and ending with breakfast on July 1, 2018.  Lodging in Paradores and other hotels is normally double occupancy.  Hostels may have up to ten people in a room.  Payment does not cover international travel, lunches, dinners, tips, snacks, drinks, entrance fees, and incidentals.  

1,395 euros was the early bird price for those registering and making an initial deposit payment of 495 euros or the full early bird price of 1,395 euros prior to January 31, 2018.  Early bird registrants who made the initial 495 euro payment need to make the final payment of 900 euros in the drop down menu below prior to April 15, 2018.  After January 31, the price of the trip rose to 1,495 euros.  All payments are fully refundable (less processing fee) prior to April 15, 2018 and transferrable but entirely nonrefundable after April 15, 2018.  THE FINAL DEADLINE FOR FINAL PARTIAL OR FULL PAYMENT FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS IS APRIL 15, 2018.

We encourage everyone participating to bring their own road bicycles.  For a limited few cases, we may be able to find rental bikes for participants at a cost of 260 euros for the trip, but this is not guaranteed.  Contact us if you think you will have difficulty finding a bicycle for the trip and we will try to help.  

Thank you for your interest in the Camino del Norte 2018.  If you have any questions or we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us page.  Please note that you will not be considered fully registered for the Camino del Norte 2018 until you have fully completed and submitted your registration and made your payment.  


Name *
Please provide the best way to contact you by telephone if we need to. (Include country code.)
Please provide the name, email, phone number, and relation to you of an emergency contact.
Travel and International Health Insurance *
We require all participants to carry international travel and health insurance for the Camino del Norte 2018. Please check below to acknowledge that you are required to have your own travel and international health insurance for this trip. (Please Check box below).
Passport Information *
Please scan or photograph and email a copy of your passport's photo page to us at We need this in advance for purchase of your internal Spain airplane ticket from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid as well as check in at hotels on the trip.
Unexpected Cancellation *
Your payment for Camino del Norte 2018 is refundable until April 15, 2018 and nonrefundable after that. However, your payment can be designated for another person going on the trip if you reach an agreement with that person. As mentioned previously, we recommend all participants obtain travel insurance that covers loss of revenue due to unexpected cancellation after April 15. Please check box below.
Liability *
The Camino del Norte 2018 is run on a non-profit charity basis. All participants join the ride fully at their own personal risk and no organizing person or organization bears any legal or financial liability of any sort for any mishaps that may occur during the Camino del Norte 2018.
Cycling Uniform Size *
Everyone on the Camino del Norte 2018 will receive a cycling jersey the cost of which is included in your registration fee. The jersey will be pro quality, made in Spain. As a result it is European sizing which tends to run smaller than USA sizing. The rule of thumb for jerseys is to go one size up from cycling attire you would buy in the USA, and two sizes up from "normal" clothing sizing. So, for example, if you wear an L size cycling jersey made in USA, order an XL.


After submitting your registration above, please select one of the payment options below and fill out the requested payment information to process your payment.  

Payment options