Ride for Refugees 2016 Lodging Information

We have a really great variety of hotels we will be staying at on the Ride for Refugees 2016.  Here are the links to the hotels we have reserved:


Thursday, September 29:  Heliotrope Hotel (Mytilene):  www.heliotrope.gr

Friday, September 30: Pension Krinelos (Skala Eresou):  www.pension-krinelos.com

Saturday, October 1:  Sea Horse Hotel (Molyvos):  www.seahorse-hotel.com

Sunday, October 2:  Sea Horse Hotel (Molyvos):  www.seahorse-hotel.com


Monday, October 3:  Grecian Castle Hotel (Chios):  www.greciancastle.gr

Tuesday, October 4:  Emporios Bay Hotel (Emporios):  www.emporiosbay.gr


Wednesday, October 5:  Fito Bay Hotel (Pythagorion):  www.fitobay.gr

Thursday, October 6:  Fito Bay Hotel (Pythagorion):  www.fitobay.gr

Friday, October 7:  On ferry from Samos to Athens (Piraeus)

ATHENS (Piraeus)

Saturday, October 8:  Savoy Hotel (Piraeus):  www.savoyhotel.gr


Peter Clark